eBay Plus not worth it

Several months back I wrote this post about eBay Plus detailing its introduction, what it contains and its outlook into the future. I asked some questions in the post can eBay keep having 20% and 15% off sales? Can eBay retain its eBay Plus members come renew time?

I paid $29 for an annual eBay Plus membership after a free one month trial and I absolutely have not got my value for that $29. I have had many transactions in that time and I had to pay shipping each time. Given I was buying second-hand goods from individual sellers who weren’t an eBay Plus seller I had to pay up.

It is mostly the eBay stores that come under the eBay Plus so you get free shipping from them but before eBay Plus came along you were getting free shipping anyway. eBay took out the free shipping and made you pay to get the free shipping.

When eBay Plus was introduced there was big sales on eBay Plus sellers items, 20% and 15% off with no price jacking. Great value and that’s actually why I signed up yet since then there has been no eBay Plus ONLY sale, its disappointing and applies more gel to eBay Plus being a cash grab.

Having an eBay Plus “membership” honestly feels empty and pointless for me anyway. If you used eBay more then yes free shipping would be nice (if it applies) but as I said pre eBay Plus most sellers gave free shipping anyway.

If eBay Plus allowed for x amount of free postage per year then that would be good, id rather get a free $10 padded parcel shipping then eBay Plus covering the cost of a $1 stamp.

Having more sales for eBay plus members only is something eBay needs to do, just do anything to make eBay Plus have value. Because right now it has flopped and is nowhere near the level of Amazon Prime.