Essendon FC’s esport’s team

Essendon football club has joined other sports organizations across the globe in acquiring an esports team. Esports is electronic sports (pro video gaming) competing in games like leaugue of legends, Dota, WOW and CSGO.

The team Essendon FC aquired is Abyss, which will now have re branding and marketing efforts in conjunction with the Essendon FC. Esports is a rapidly growing segment of entertainment, its an international product has fans from many nationalities and cultures plus it has a big segment of the younger person who is not necessarily into contact sports like AFL.

Essendon FC logo

NBA teams and European soccer teams have taken on esports recently as they too have recognized the growing sector and strong potential that owning an esports team will bring in the future.

In essence it means a bigger reach for your marketing efforts, more options to target potential members and more coverage and range to gain exposure. If you think in the past an AFL team having exposure and advertising in an esports arena would be unheard or or at least wouldn’t get recognition.. well not anymore.