The fall of the Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers for the past few seasons to say the least have been or at least had a contending team for the NBA title. To be frank they got no where near it, the closest was 2015 when they where a quarter away from moving into the western conference finals. When the inevitable happened, a massive Houston comeback who then went on to win the series… the Clippers then went on to blow the series.

The Clippers had the best passing point guard in Chris Paul, the most athletic center in Deandre Jordan, one of the best all round power forwards in Blake Griffin. With Doc Rivers at the wheel the Clippers made the playoffs and won a division title, buts that’s all. During these years where the Clippers won a lot in the regular season they had struggles with Griffin and Paul injuries at different times as well as problems with whingeing and complaining to referees too much.

clippers big 3

The Clippers lacked a solid small forward and the roster was almost always completely turned over each season, the same ‘big 4’ in Paul, Redick, Griffin and Jordan were expected to deliver a ring. The rookies barely saw play time under Doc Rivers, essentially this Clippers team was Championship/s orĀ  bust.

Its bust. The Clippers no longer have Chris Paul, his replacement Patrick Beverley is now out for the season with a knee injury and the Clippers are on a 9 game losing streak. ISO ball with Griffin isn’t working and the Clippers are struggling to stop scoring runs with the bench keeping or getting the Clippers back in the game. When you look at what has happened and changed you can see one main piece that needs a shake up. It’s the head coach.

doc rivers

Clippers fans have been calling for Doc Rivers head for a couple of seasons now, rightfully so with this season looking like a disaster. The Clippers have no young talent and their main piece Blake Griffin is 28. Now would be a perfect time to get a new coach in, freshen up plays and roles and look for the future. If Doc couldn’t deliver with a star filled team what chances does he have to build a team up and win?

I’m sure Steve Balmer the Clippers billion dollar owner knows and is aware of the need for the Clippers to refresh and change-up for the sake of their future.