Fashion lane; The best way to see clearance clothing items

When a store wants to get rid of a poor selling or end of life line/style/color they slash the price. Maybe starting at 30% and working up if it dosent sell or if they want it gone ASAP 50% should do the job. As a consumer how do you get alerted and become aware of these bargains?

There is Ozbargain or maybe the stores twitter page but did you know about Fashion lane? Fashion lane crawls online fashion stores and takes note of price drops then lists them. But it’s how Fashion lane lists and organizes this data is what pleases me.

On  Fashion lane you see ‘sale’ products based on who you are (Male, Female, Boy, Girl), The store and a brand. You can see only the latest fetch by Fashion lane in which i like to combine this with a search filter that only shows products 50% off or higher, you see the real bargains this way.

fashion lane

Fashion lane also has an email “subscription” which will send you the latest “sale” as it finds them. Its handy but id rather browse the website then view it in an email. I have seen some minor errors in how Fashion lane represents sizes and sometimes Female clothes gets put into the Male section. Its minor and im sure they are working on fixing it.

I  believe if you want to snag bargains in clothing and shoes Fashion lane is the best option for now, its more centralized and focused than Ozbargain.