Fast shipping makes AliExpress a winner

AliExpress the online retailer is the king and OG for cheap items. It’s all due to the ability to mass manufacture in China where AliExpress originated. You can get pretty much any consumer goods you can think of that can get shipped for a very cheap. Shipping is free unless you pay an upgrade for real express and proper tracking but ill get to why you don’t need this later.

I first bought items of AliExpress in 2013, a basketball jersey and a strong little torch. firstly they were very cheap and secondly the took a few weeks to get to me. Now slow shipping times isn’t a worry because that’s what it’s advertised. If we fast forward into 2017, late 2017 the items i brought during the 11.11 sale (singles day) arrived very quick! The items being quiet inexpensive of course I didn’t need insurance or pay overs for express shipping. But i got tracking free something which was not the case a few years back and my packages got here in what was essentially 7 business days.

Now really all AliExpress was missing to be a real force to the consumer market was shipping times, they had the range and the ridiculously cheap prices but shipping time would have quelled transactions. Not anymore! With AliExpress working on its logistics with quicker packing and shipping as well as free tracking why would a consumer not splurge out on the cheap goods?!