FFmpegr; A way to make FFmpeg commands easy

FFmpeg the media handler that runs from command line can be confusing to those new to the concept. FFmpeg is an excellent tool and when working can do a variety of useful things just from the command line. FFmpegr is a website that allows you to create FFmpeg commands without any knowledge of FFmpeg syntax.

I built FFmpegr to save me time because id often need to copy a script or look up how to trim, download or stream some media. But now I just need to navigate to FFmpegr and input my parameters and whammo I get the FFmpeg command ready to use.

FFmpeg download command builder

FFmpegr is built for speed and simplicity, Bootstrap 4 and PHP with full responsive ness. This overall project didn’t take much time to build at all.


Once you have inserted your parameters you can even download it as a text file, meaning all you have to do is drop it into your FFmpeg directory rename from .txt to .bat and double-click it. Simple.

FFmpegr command creator
FFmpegr command ready to use

Something so simple and small hopefully can be a convenience to others as it has been for me. If you want to save time and get FFMpeg commands quick FFmpegr is the go.