Finding hidden api’s

Finding a hidden api can open up lots of possibilities; from data scraping, archiving, alerts and analysis you can do so much. Even better if you don’t need an api key and there is no limits.

Snooping for hidden api endpoints can be hit or miss. Most sites don’t have them but you will be surprised which sites do. Also note that whilst one part of a website might not have an open api another part might.

I have found plenty most of which I wont give away as I don’t wont to wreck the opportunity and/or it wouldn’t be the right thing to do (exposing an opening).

Here is how to find hidden apis

In your web browser of choice open up the development console, navigate to the network tab and click XHR

firefox dev console network xhr

Now go to a page you want to snoop a hidden api for, for this example I will use Myer (retail store). Specifically the cameras category and as you can see we got some URLs filtered through:

firefox dev console xhr filter

The domain starting with api. is the best indicator we have found gold, click it and click responses to see “hopefully” some lovely .json formatted data

firefox dev console json response

to have a proper look at the URL and the full json response right-click the link and open in a new tab. If it did open in a new tab and display the data then good chances is the api isnt locked down, otherwise it may be needing cookies and verification.

Have a look on sites you use or think getting data from will be useful or interesting, not all sites have them but you will be surprised.