FireFly free game servers

FireFly is no longer functional!

FireFly is a free to use service that provides game servers for free! Currently there are 3 games that can be deployed for servers; Factoria, Minecraft, Garrys mod and Counter strike global offensive or CSGO coming soon. The idea is nice you can deploy a server for free in which the server will be online for as long as you’re using it.

Simple and free!

Deploying a server is quick and easy you choose your game, the location and version. Locations include: Australia, Canada, France, Poland and Norway. Your FireFly server will be online for one day if you play one hour on it and to keep it up you must play on it for one hour each day. But length isn’t where i see the strong point in using FireFly, I can see FireFly being very useful for skill based games like CSGO. Players can deploy and jump into quick death matches or aim maps to get training or a warmup before a match done.

firefly free game servers

FireFly does support FTP for the game servers so you can add maps and server mods, pretty cool for something that is free. For a small-scale project FireFly could become so much more with an increase in support from hosting companies. Longer server times, more locations and resources are key for game servers.  Which the idea of free servers really isn’t going to be a source of income, so sponsors and donation minimize the monetary impact.

If FireFly continues to grow we can only hope it doesn’t become a victim of its own success, the idea is solid but can it be sustained long-term?