Firefox Quantum is the real deal

Mozilla just had a hot drop called “Quantum” which they claim is twice as fast to what Firefox was six months ago. Well at least they’re being honest but this is a big deal in the battle of the web browsers. Lets be real if you know a thing or two about computers you wont be using the stock standard browser (Internet explorer, safari) rather either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Firefox have also booted out Yahoo as the default search engine for the browser. Not only was performance a big point in the update but the UI got a nice little clean up too.

From Mark Mayo’s blog post the Mozilla chief states that the whole Firefox engine got remade from ground up, the process was big. This isn’t some small update the Firefox team went all in. Photon is the name of the new ui update, its made to be smooth and unified. Mayo says the Firefox team also studied how people browsed the web. 700 coders contributed to the new and re-made Firefox, nows that’s impressive.

Firefox QuantumNow this is big news for internet browsing privacy, Google chrome opening collects data, like what pages you visits, devices you use, time you browse and the ads you click. Building up one big online tracking profile, mostly to help position ads aimed at you. Whilst Firefox doesnt do this of course, websites and being logged into google and do searches still adds to your data profile.

The step towards a lighter, faster browser experience is always going to be positive news. A Reddit user gave information on Firefox being very efficient when streaming from Twitch. Others also noted less ram used when having many tabs open, something that would be a delight for users of old or not-so powerful PC’s. I’m sure the possibilities for new addons now that Firefox is very resource efficient could be pretty special and enter a new realm, we can only hope.