Getting image EXIF data with Ubuntu

Getting image EXIF data on Ubuntu can be done with Exif, this is an Ubuntu package that can output and change JPEG EXIF data.

Installing is done with:

sudo apt-get install exif

Assuming we are in a directory with the image DJI_0005.jpg viewing the EXIF data:

exif DJI_0005.jpg

This outputs all the EXIF data and tags.

Adding -x means it will be outputted as formatted XML:

exif DJI_0005.jpg -x

You can save this output with a command like this:

exif DJI_0005.jpg -x > DJI_0005.xml

Removing an EXIF tag

exif DJI_0005.jpg --remove --tag=THETAG

You can list all the tags with:

exif DJI_0005.jpg --list-tags

Show description of tag:

exif DJI_0005.jpg --tag=TAG_NAME --show-description

If you want to view all the options use:

exif -?