Have we moved on from Super Bowl ads?

If you watch main stream media the night of the super bowl they will be more excited to show you the ads that were played at half time rather than the actual football. You can’t really blame them theyre witty, smart and catchy but they also cost $5 million per 30 seconds, gulp.

You can also expect a Beveridge company in there along with snacks, insurance, technology and car manufacturer’s but is it really worth the exposure? The ads go to a very very large audience, last years super bowl was watched by 111 million! undoubtably the reward is there for spending your millions for getting on the screens of many people.

last years super bowl was watched by 111 million!

Catchy ads with comedy or “ah huh!” moments seems to have a lasting effect on consumers and can give brand recognition and remembrance. In the modern-day you have to tread a fine line and stay away from controversies but still thrive for the viral ad.

You do have to wonder with streaming and paid services if these ads are being shown, sometimes the service you are using could air a competitors money shot ad. There is always an ads archive on YouTube but it could be all too late if your ad is being viewed 1 year on!

Twitter as a modern day media sharing machine

The rise of media and content on Twitter is my query for why there is the hype for Super Bowl ads, memes, short clips and gifs get passed around on Twitter with ease. The amount of ads I see in Twitter itself along with the ability to mass infect an audience with your ad has to mean its all most a mini Super Bowl ad campaign.

super bowl

For me personally as much as I have an interest in advertising and promotion the super bowl ads do nothing for me, I do not go out of my way to watch them. I think it’s the same for everyday people too, kudos for mainstream media giving them coverage after the event but no thanks.

This year saw a crocodile Dundee styled ad aimed at getting Australia exposure and tourists into the country. Using the Super Bowl to gain exposure for a foreign tourist industry is very smart and an excellent way to hit their target market.