Hey YouTube how many chances does Logan Paul get???

Undoubtably if a YouTuber that had 20 subscribers produced a video of themselves laughing and mocking a suicide victim they would be tossed off the platform easily and quickly. Yet when someone who has 16 million subscribers does this plus has a history of doing the wrong thing combined with continuing to do the wrong thing YouTube doesnt care. Well hold on they have suspended his ad revenue

Interesting in a weeks time maybe two Logan will be back in full swing and will stuff up again and then what YouTube? suspend him again? send him a little email asking him not to do ridiculous acts?

Logan Paul is clearly uneducated, he is a bad influence to so many kids & teenagers and does the wrong thing time and time again but YouTube will protect its little boy. YouTube does not have the guts to remove the large chunk of disease ridden rubbish that is Logan Pauls channel.

logan paul is a flog
The son of YouTube

You have to think why and i think it’s because in the end Logan Paul gets people viewing videos and using YouTube. However the advertisers must hate it every week when this disrespectful moron makes headlines for laughing at suicide corpses or tasering a dead rat. Thats not even good content.

Tasers a dead rat

Laughs at suicide victim article

Lying about being colorblind

Its brainless content, viewers will learn nothing from watching Logan Paul except how to do something illegal, disrespectful or insulting.

The fact that YouTube recommended Logan Pauls mocking of suicide platform wide is enough to say they don’t care, they are lapping up all this attention to their platform. YouTube will be licking their lips at the media frenzy Logan Paul whips up and for the YouTube is utterly gutless.

YouTube wont delete Logan Pauls channel and for that YouTube shows its selfish side, its side that loves these disrespectful idiots who contribute nothing to society.

YouTube is a joke.