Hooking into Laravel eloquent events with booted

If you ever need to do an action every time a resource is created or updated or even deleted in Laravel you will need to use the booted method.

In older versions of Laravel the booted method was actually called boot.

The booted function goes into your models class and automatically gets called with the events as specified inside.

The events

Here are the events you can hook into: retrieved,creating,created,updating,updated,saving,saved, deleting,deleted,trashed,forceDeleting,forceDeleted,restoring, restored and replicating.

They are mostly self-explanatory, creating,updating and deleting are what happens before created, updated and deleted.

In the example below you can see that the user_id is automatically filled which saves having to add this each time when doing the Post create method.

You can also easily do logging for the events or run custom functions for certain events.

class Post extends Model
    use HasFactory;

    protected static function booted(): void
        static::creating(function (Post $post) {
            $post->user_id = \Auth::id();

        static::created(function (Post $post) {
            Log::debug("Created post {$post->id}");

        static::updated(function (Post $post) {
            Log::debug("Updated post {$post->id}");

        static::deleted(function (Post $post) {
            Log::debug("Deleted post");




It is very straightforward, helps keep the controller clean and the reduction of repeated code.