How is YouTube so disconnected?! 2018 rewind failure

For the past several years in December YouTube releases its “rewind” video. Their idea is that it showcases and involves the popular YouTube “content creators” for that year.

As you would expect the rewind heavily features trends and fads most which come the end of the year are well and truly gone or are only relevant to kids and most of the population finds it frustrating and cringey.

YouTube’s failings coming to light

For years now YouTube has been about money, more ads or specifically more ads that benefit them. On a platform that has seen toxic “influencers” rise up in recent years and be at the front of the constant wave of scandals and disrespectful behaviour it’s no surprise that people are getting really fed up with YouTube.

youtube rewind dislikes 2018

YouTube rewind 2018 was possibly the worst video I have ever seen, given the potential and creators YouTube had at its disposal to make it. seriously it made my head hurt starting from the first few seconds.

At this point the Fortnite hype train is cooked, dead yet they still thought it’d work out fine to fill this train wreck of a video with Fortnite. Ninja a full-time Twitch Fortnite streamer who is only watched by kids has 20 million subs on YouTube, for what reason I don’t know because uploading past streams onto YouTube is not being a content creator. That takes 0 skill and for YouTube to use Ninja in the rewind is so so odd because he is one of Twitch’s biggest streamers.

Another reminder that YouTube is not majority a child audience (yet)  You would be hard pressed to find an adult who enjoys watching Ninja stream the kids game Fortnite.

The two failures so far; Two much use and reference of a kids game that most of the population is sick off and using a streamer with no skills what so ever to be the face of the rewind.

I may likely use YouTube different to most, only using it for certain tech reviews, sports and videography….  I honestly had no idea who almost all of the so-called content creators in the rewind where. I picked out Casey Neistat and primitive technology but that about it.

Reading comments i certainly wasnt the only one who had no idea about these people. Most of the “creators” in the rewind played along with the theme of “giving the people what they want” to which the 7.8 Million dislikes say otherwise.

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Proof in the pudding that a large number YouTube users do NOT want the drama queens, do NOT want the sellouts, do NOT want the fake personalities, the copy and paste creators or the gossipers.

You would be able to find hundreds of real content creators on YouTube that had small sub counts but more skill than those so-called influencers have.

YouTube’s focus on the revenue has finally been able to be measured in displeasure from its users. The 7.8 Million likes is YouTube users fed up with the way the platform has headed in the past few years.

The turnaround is simple for YouTube focus on actual creators, support them and get back to the basics of what made the platform a success…. making and sharing content that didn’t have all its focus on making money.