How the BBL can go next level

The Big Bash League is an excellent cricket product, the atmosphere and entertainment at the games is marvelous for families and children. Watching on tv it can be quite enjoyable with former players brining a lighter side to commentary that the shorter fast paced version of cricket deserves.

kfc bbl logo

There is plenty of room for innovation and taking the game to the next level with technology and internet, that’s what i want the Big Bash League to do.

An exclusive all screens streaming package

If the Big Bash was available to stream on mobile, computer and smart tv the international viewership would rise dramatically. Having a product available to as many markets as possible is a good step in having your users/viewers count up.

Cricket is an International game and the interest will always be high if its cricket offseason in one country. The streaming packages could consist of: All season, weekly or even per game. One team streaming could also be possible, Where you can only watch that teams games.

All camera angles at any time

This point goes with my next about an improved app but allowing viewers to view camera angles like stump cam, umpire cam, helmet cam, square leg and any other outfield or down filed angle at anytime through the app or streaming page. Imagine how cool that would be?! as far as i know it would be a first too.

Being able to replay or watch any ball back from a match using these angles would be a super initiative.

Improved app and website

Improving the app and website to accommodate the fully functional custom streaming is a must. Having a section that has a diagram of the locations of the fielders would be a nice touch, helps get a better understanding of the situation the batsmen faces.

Being able to choose many different stream qualities and add in live chat options, polls and quizzes we are looking at the platform going to a whole new level.

These improvements whilst they would cost a larger initial outlay of money, its innovative and puts the BBL above its competitors like the IPL or even Tennis. It truly puts the BBL international, more viewers and more income from the streaming packages. In this modern age everything listed above is possible, so here’s hoping the BBL leads the way in sports entertainment.