How to debug and view a Laravel DB query

How to view a raw Laravel database query from the DB facade with its bindings.

This is a good method to debug if your queries with the query builder are failing or getting unexpected results.

You must enable query logging with DB::enableQueryLog(); and then proceed with the query


$new_users = DB::table('users')
    ->where('created', '>=', '2022-03-01')
    ->orderBy('created', 'desc')


This will output

    "query": "select * from `users` where `created` >= ? order by `created` desc",
    "bindings": [
    "time": 4.13

Where you have the pure query with the pre-prepared statements and then the binding value/s, with the execution time to conclude.

The query logger works for all query types eg. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT however using it in a loop could overload memory.