How to do custom verification email design in Laravel

Use your own email template blade file for the user verification email in Laravel, instead of the default email layout.

Sending a custom verification email is quite simple, all you need is an email view (blade file) and then 6 lines of code.

Open app/Providers/AuthServiceProvider.php in the boot() function paste and edit the following:

VerifyEmail::toMailUsing(function ($notifiable, $url) {
            return (new MailMessage())
                ->subject('Verify Email Address')
                ->action('Verify Email Address', $url)
                ->view('emails.verify', compact('url'));

This will override the default verify email and use your own set parameters with the MailMessage class.

You can now use a custom email template in a blade file, just use the $url parameter for the verify button/link in the email.

In the above example, I am using the blade file created at /resources/views/emails/ called verify.blade.php this is stated with the ->view('emails.verify', compact('url'));

Now your verification emails can match your email style and branding inline with other emails.