How to get your Twitter api keys

Here is how to get your Twitter api Consumer Key (API Key), Consumer Secret (API Secret) , Access Token and Access Token Secret. With these 4 values you can tweet out information and data with PHP and api’s.

Be signed into Twitter and head to and click the button “Create new app”

Twitter api signup 1

Fill out the form; You can put something like “test project” in the name input. A small description of what you’re doing with the api and the website or URL its being hosted at (this can be a placeholder). Skip the callback URL and tick yes for the agreeance to the Twitter developer terms, Now click “Create your Twitter application”.

Now you will come across the app management page like this:

Twitter api signup 2

Click “manage keys and access tokens”

A new page will load, Take note and get your

Consumer Key (API Key)
Consumer Secret (API Secret)

Twitter api signup 3
Now down the page click “Create my access token”
The page will reload and under Your access token you will now be able to see your
Access Token
Access Token Secret
You now have all you need to integrate Twitter with PHP.