How to have a batch file to mass check ping locations

Here is a simple ping command in a batch file that allows you to add servers/addresses to ping and it will return the ping time for all at once.

An aspect of a ping check is when you get the time (latency) that it takes to send and then receive data. The closer the server/location should mean your ping times will be low.

Ping is crucial in network speed as it is the variable most responsible for lag. Having a low ping to a server can be an indication that your speeds to and from the server will be fast.

The .bat file is:

@ECHO off
ECHO - (USA) LA:                      %ms%
ECHO - (USA) Miami:                   %ms%
ECHO - (EU) London:                   %ms%
ECHO - (ASIA) Singapore:              %ms%
goto Start
SET ms=Error
FOR /F "tokens=4 delims==" %%i IN ('ping.exe -n 1 %1 ^| FIND "ms"') DO SET ms=%%i

The above is using Vultr supplied addresses and when the file is double-click it will return the ping results in the command prompt like so

ping batch file