How to install and run Geekbench on Ubuntu

Geekbench is a well-established multi-platform benchmarking tool that is designed to be easily comparable from processor to process, test to test.

Geekbench mostly tests CPU power, speed and capabilities however it expands on this for situational tests like video editing and gaming.

In my eyes, Geekbench is a “boring” benchmark. It doesn’t show IO speed, read & write and global network speeds. However it’s testing on the CPU is very comprehensive and the output to webpage is a nice addition.

Installing and running Geekbench

Download Geekbench with Wget by running:


As of this post (24th December 2019), the Geekbench version is 5.1

Once it has finished downloading, unpack it:

tar xf Geekbench-5.1.0-Linux.tar.gz

Move into the directory

cd Geekbench-5.1.0-Linux/

Finally run the Geekbench with:


You will see the console state what is being tested and the outcomes whilst the testing is underway. Once it has finished it will display a URL to check the results.