How to make reddit better in a few clicks

Here is a quick method to cut out reposts, circle jerk posts and shill behaviour. In other words here’s how to never see /u/GallowBoob’s posts ever again. You’ll thank me later.

GallowBoob recently announced he had joined Supload which has the motto of “get paid to share content”. How bad does that sound, literally get paid 10cents to spam rubbish on social media. As if there wasnt enough crap on Reddit, Facebook and Instagram. If you like quality posts and genuine content GallowBoob and Supload are the opposite of this, both specialist spammers if you can even call that specialist.

Go to your web browsers addons/extension/plugins manager, you want to search for  Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES). The RES website. Install it and restart your browser if necessary, Go to Reddit and you will most likely be prompted with a few notifications from RES ignore these and go to the notorious Reddit shill and corporate booster /u/GallowBoob’s profile.

Take one last look at all the reposted content and posts he would have submitted as part of some long term marketing strategy. Click on a post the GallowBoob made a comment on, find his comment and username then just hover and click “ignore”.

Heres a video:

Congratulations you can now enjoy Reddit.