How to tweet out your latest Fortnite game result with Twitter api in php

Here is how to automatically with the Twitter api and a cron job tweet out if you finished 1st, top 5 or top 10 in your last Fortnite game along with how many kills you got.

fortnite tweeter

If you don’t already have a webserver i highly recommend Vultr you can get a $5 windows server by following this guide. Here is a guide to setting up XAMPP on your windows server too.

Once you have your server with XAMPP drop the files from fortnite tweeter into C:\xampp\htdocs

You now need to make some changes, I recommend using a simple editor like notepad++ for this.

Open functions.php and on-line 5 and 7 you need to add your Twitter account api/access keys see this post on how to get them.

Lastly you need a Fortnite tracker api key go here to get it and replace all: *FORTNITE-TRACKER-API-KEY* instances with your api key. Save functions.php

Rename get.php to something less common like (orangejuice.php) In this file you will see the 3 main calls, you need to put in your Fortnite username instead of FORTNITE-NAME

NOTE If you dont play on pc in functions.php change all instances of /pc/ to /xbl/ or /psn/

Create an account at and go to create cronjob.

Fill out the cron job by calling it Fortnite tweeter and use your server ip and php file like http://serverip/phpfile.php

Schedule it for 15 minutes intervals like the image below:

create cronjob

Click the Create cronjob button.

Now every 15 minute the cronjob will fire and check if you have played a Fortnite game since it last checked. If yes and you got 1st, top 5 or top 10 it will Tweet an example like “I just won a solo Fortnite Battle Royale game with 12 kills!

With it getting and comparing your kills to find out how many kills you got in that match.

Check the functions.php for changing the tweet message….tweet();