I will crash YouTube into a flaming wreck by Robert Kyncl

I gotta stop writing about YouTube but i cant help it, maybe this will be my last post on the topic for a while (hopefully). The head of YouTube operations Robert Kyncl did an interview with famous YouTube shill Casey Neistat, this interview was one of the softest PR padded rubbish to hit the screens for a while.

neistat robert youtube interview
A very PR padded interview

In between the highly edited video with cuts and skips being very common, Robert Kyncl’s book gets flogged off. What the hell? Oh wait its Casey Neistat’s video after all, hes creative but also a walking shill for any brand that throws themselves at him.

The pair tip toe around anything of full substance when Neistat was meant to be finding out why smaller creators on YouTube are getting no revenue when morons and bad press magnets like Logan Paul are getting recommended all over the format. In the end the video is a massive waste of time but it drives the point home that YouTube is going down the wrong path.

Its obvious and I address these issues here, what struck me the hardest was that Robert Kyncl the head of YouTube had not uploaded a video ever. He most likely doesn’t even know YouTube channel settings, functions and navigation.

That is a very big statement which says that YouTube is 100% focused on its advertising, revenue raising rather than actual decent content and fostering an environment for (small) creators to flourish in. Seeing videos with 16 views on the trending page is enough to say YouTube wants money over genuine creative content.

Robert Kyncl would be licking his lips at the prospect of another big Youtuber doing something controversial since it means more attention and use of the platform. Sadly that’s how we have become now days, no focus on quality rather just views, clicks, attention and money.

no focus on quality rather just views, clicks, attention and money

YouTube once founded as a place to share and be creative is now mostly a wasteland for stupidity and attention. Robert Kyncl doesnt have a big task to turn YouTube around because he is steering it in this direction, all aboard.