If Google disables ad blocking on Chrome what happens?

In a time of mass hate and avoidance towards internet ads and tracking Google is looking to open the flood gates on its users. Changes to Google Chrome can see ad blockers be removed from the browser. Thats exactly what no one wants.

google chrome logo

In the manifest Google say how these changes are for increased performance and security, does anyone buy that? I don’t and no one should because the proposed changes effectively making ad blockers mute is Google’s way of through their users right amongst the swell of ads.

Operation massive ad exposure is an apt name for the changes.

Ads caused massive distrust

Put it this way website ads would be “ok” if they weren’t obtrusive, content blocking, click bait, mis aligning, malicious and hugely in your face. Auto playing videos can nick right off but a decent ads that fits in with the webpage and doesn’t take away from a browsing experience hmm why don’t we have those?

Should Google grab control over ads? It would be a hard task and one that on the modern web nigh impossible due to so many different ad services operating aside from Adsense. All of them essentially fighting against each other for who can cover the most content, annoy the user the most and be the most click baity.

You have to also question what these changes would do to privacy add ons that stop tracking and profile building based on browsing habits. With the vicious trackers allowed to pull as much data as they want it’s a worrying situation.

No one wants a flood of ads or tracking

Google would have a decent profile built on most people through its services like Gmail, Maps, YouTube and Chrome however allowing all these smaller companies to feast on people’s data and internet behaviour makes it a double blow.

Thankfully Chrome is no YouTube, users can leave and will. There are plenty of alternatives and as a long time Firefox user, better alternatives to Chrome.

Firefox and Opera are two very decent alternatives to Google Chrome.

The scenario most not fully understood by Google is the ease of switching web browsers, especially motived by a flood of ads. Motivation to get of a sinking platform, Chrome will lose its users.

Using a password manager makes switching web browsers very simple.

Jump a sinking ship

Assuming that Google do go through with the changes they should well be aware that the Chrome platform will have a mass exodus, Firefox will be the new king all because Google wanted its users to see ads in the name of “performance and security updates”.

In a browsers battle world its a defining moment that has consequences.