Installing Directadmin panel on Centos 8

Installing Directadmin web hosting control panel on a Centos 8 VPS.

Directadmin is becoming ever popular due to its affordability and simple to use interface, you can also get a Directadmin license for free with many VPS hosts.

Directadmin panel install centos 8

This guide was made using an Inception hosting KVM and a free provided Directadmin license.

SSH into the VPS as root, Check packages for updates

sudo yum check-update

Run the updates and refresh the packages

sudo yum update

Directadmin install updating centos 8Now do a reboot

sudo reboot

Download and save the Directadmin installation script

wget -O

Set the correct file permissions on the script

chmod 755

Any non installed required packages will be automatically installed when the script is run.

If you have the correct hostname, server IP and operating system for your Directadmin license run the install script

./ auto

If these are incorrect you will need to update them to proceed.

The installing process will take a while (several minutes), once it has been completed you will see information for logging in to the Directadmin hosting panel.

Directadmin install centos 8

Save these details, the panel login address is http://IP:2222

Now you can begin to configure and set up the Directadmin hosting.