Installing phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 16.04

Here is a quick and easy install guide for phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 16.04 if you have LAMP setup which is Apache, MYSQL and PHP. phpMyAdmin is a web app for database management and interaction.

The first step is to update and download the phpMyAdmin from the default Ubuntu repositories:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

Choose apache2 for the server selection

Yes for dbconfig-common asking to set up the database.

You will be asked for the database administrator password and then asked to set the phpMyAdmin username and password.

Next enable the extension php5-mcrypt:

sudo php5enmod mcrypt

Restart apache:

sudo service apache2 restart

And that’s it, you can now access phpMyAdmin by going to:


Replacing YOURIPorDOMAIN with your servers ip address or the domain if it is associated with the ip.