Installing Windows 10 Pro ISO with Virtio on Vultr

This is a quick and easy guide on uploading and installing a Windows 10 Pro iso with Vultr cheaply. Vultr is a trusted and reliable cloud computing business with a massive range of locations, features and vps plan sizes, check them all out here.

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** guide here for Windows Server 2019

With Vultr windows servers cost extra but you get the option to upload your own ISO file to use on the server. As this guide shows you how to do the upload and install a Windows 10 Pro ISO.

Go into the deploy server section; You need to upload the custom Windows 10 Pro ISO, use this link here (Compact version) or make your own and host it.

Scroll down to section 2 (Server type) and click the “Upload ISO” tab and then the “Upload ISO” button below it, add in the url and click upload (you’ll have to wait a few minutes for it to upload). NOTE: You can only have 2 ISO’s uploaded and stored at the same time.

Vultr custom window 10 ISO
Vultr Windows 10 Pro ISO Upload

Scroll back up and choose your server location.

By now the Windows 10 ISO should have loaded, make sure its selected (Win10Pro.iso ). Now choose your instance size (amount of SSD space, ram and cpu amount). Do note that Windows 10 will run fine on the $5 per month option.

Dont worry about any of the other options (Additional features, startup scripts, SSH Keys), type in a server host name and label now click “Deploy now”.

Navigate to the server information page for the server you just deployed. You will have to wait up to a couple of minutes for the ISO to me mounted, once it has click the little computer screen in the upper right to view the console.

vultr server information

You will be greeted with this once it has been mounted:

Windows 10 Pro Vultr ISO install 1Choose language, time and keyboard then click Next.

Click: Install now

Windows 10 Pro Vultr ISO install 3Tick i accept for the terms and then click Next

Windows 10 Pro Vultr ISO install 4Choose the bottom option “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” by clicking it

Windows 10 Pro Vultr ISO install 5Choose your boot drive, the main drive. Click Next

Now it will go through the actual install, this will take about 5 minutes.

Now you will go through the Windows 10 setup

Choose your region and click Yes

Choose setup for personal use

You will then get asked about an account, click the offline account in the bottom left. This means you will create an account and not use a Microsoft account (MSN, Hotmail, Xbox etc).

Choose and set your username click Next and then enter your password

Turn of all the privacy options, click Accept.

Your install should be finished now and the network configuration will be done automatically.

You should now be logged in and have free use of Windows 10 Pro on Vultr.