Introducing rNBAye

r/nba Reddits NBA sub has a side to it most wouldn’t see or know about. A lot of posts get removed by the mods for being either or a mixture of: rubbish, trolling, incorrect, swearing, too memey or plain racist.

Aside from the racists posts it can be entertaining to see basketball fans say stupid things. There could be an overdone circle jerk, two-year old meme or just a post that achieves nothing get removed.

With these removed posts also brings comments that can be just as silly as the post itself. rNBAye tracks both mod removed posts and user deleted posts. Comments to these ‘threads’ are also stored and available for reading at rNBAye.

The project runs on the free and open Reddit api with PHP storing and retrieving values from MySQL. Cron jobs handle the fetching, storing and updating of the different features.

Flairs, usernames, up votes and dates are also stored and associated with the posts and comments.

If you like basketball and the silly side of r/nba then check out rNBAye.