Introducing Servyrun

Servyrun allows you to connect your servers and run simple SSH & SFTP commands, view server usage, do pings between your servers, download, upload & edit files, view database tables and column structures and print information to PDF files.

servers index darkThe current features list for Servyrun

  • Get and store Server information.
  • Store SSH keys.
  • Run SSH commands.
  • Store commands.
  • Store command outputs.
  • Email command outputs.
  • Print outputs to PDF.
  • Check if IP address is up
  • Ping IP from any added server
  • Store IP addresses and get information (GEO, ASN etc).
  • Store SFTP connections.
  • Download files through SFTP.
  • Upload files through SFTP.
  • View files through SFTP.
  • Move files between SFTP connections.
  • Edit (smaller) files.
  • Store/View information about databases, tables and columns.
  • Print table structure to PDF.
  • SQLite compatible.
  • Light and Dark mode.

Servyrun is built with a front end of React and Tailwind CSS, whilst the backend is powered by PHP and Laravel.

All stored passwords are encrypted in the database and Servyrun comes with a fully functioning API.

The development of Servyrun has been on and off in 2023, close to release months ago but now it is finally the right time to release and publicize it.

Screenshots and videos of Servyrun

connection show dark

Server connections page

connections index dark

Server connections page in light mode

connections index light

IP address page

ip show darkRunning a SSH command

Running an SFTP command

Server page getting usage

Creating and running a ping group

Database table structure


Switching from dark to light mode

Running SSH command in light mode