Is 4k video to gif possible?

No it’s not. Not in pure form anyway, in Premiere Pro a small 4k clip (4 seconds) was over 500MB in size. Not ideal given compressed video of this clip was just 6.63MB.

I tried exporting the gif at 100 quality and 70 it made no difference the file size was simply too huge.

4k: 582MB

1440p: 550MB

1080p: 156MB

720p: 64.9MB

Phone resolution 640 x 480p (ideal gif size): 12.8MB

4k to gif
640 x 480p

Whilst using webm format, it’s not technically a gif but it is at 4k resolution and maintains small size. Using Gfycat for your 4k gifs would an a decent method.

Video rules gifs in most situations, well to better put it gifs are meant to be small and fast loaders. Gifs dont used for detail.