Is it easy to be indexed highly on Google?

Getting your website, page or image ranked highly on Google is something to be proud of, but is it a tough task? can anyone do it?

No and yes, It’s not hard and yes with learning, time and study I believe you can grab someone and get them to have something at the top of Google after some months or learning. The key is niche if you want easy and faster time to the top. Otherwise if you focus on a heavy traffic keyword/s you are in for a scrap with who can do the best SEO and have the higher quality content.

Use an interest or passion

One thing I do rate highly is having an interest and passion for what ever it is you want ranked, I have drone photos for a dozen and counting locations first in Google search not just for the keyword “Location X drone” but also just for the keyword “Location X” itself. Thankfully most of the images are watermarked. I have an interest in drones more so the footage and images taken from their perspective but i think its cool that whenever someone searches for a location I have done a post on they see my images first.

Always follow the basics of SEO and don’t do black hat SEO in the end Google will find quality and rank the quality content. Again I have posts at the top of Google and I did not share it once externally. It’s a good sign that Google is respecting the content from this domain and im on the right track with my SEO practices.

If you don’t try you wont know

From what I have seen you don’t need to know html in depth just installing and playing around with WordPress and using a good SEO plugin can set you on the right path. Its something that the further I understand of it the more im thinking why isn’t this more popular, im talking about making websites and running blogs. Now days its made so easy and there are countless tutorials but maybe if there is no money in it, it will never attract?!

If you like a challenge, seeing growth and progress or want to try something new start a blog or website. It’s such a good way to learn about the internet, web design and SEO. Just give it a try and do it for fun, see where it takes you.