Is the Apple falling from the tree?

Apple known to most as a company providing high excellence in product design and quality have recently had some blunders, we all make mistakes but is this a sign Apple is slipping?

Several days ago it became known that you could login or make system changes to any mac computer by simply using the username ‘root’ with no password. The issue was on macOS High Sierra and unless you set a root password which many would not have, your mac would have been open to intrusion. An update was released swiftly to patch this to Apples credit, although it is still embarrassing and could cause distrust.

Secondly they left some mock text “lorem ipsum” in the Apple heart study page design

apple mock text

Oops, now that’s not how you test and review product and service launches. Of course Apple are swimming in money but tides can turn, every slip up means gaps and cracks that competitors can slip in. The latest line of Macbooks has been criticized as little if no upgrade to the last edition, the Iphone X came in at over $1000 USD which is steep for little upgrades.

Samsung has had issues in the past with overheating and ‘exploding’ batteries but have since to their credit made recoveries and seem to have got over these issues. Apple’s number one weapon is quality, lose that and they will lose consumers.