Isnt everything limited edition?

Limited edition is something that is limited in its production numbers. Mind you every single product is limited in its production numbers, Cars, electronics, food, clothing the list goes on with all being limited in that eventually they will have ceased production.

Yes some products stay the distance but still, things change such as packaging, ingredients, features and use. Is it credible that “limited edition” is a useful and strong term for marketers to use in getting rapid sales?

I recently saw an ad on tv about a fishing competition that upon registration you get a “limited edition” cap amongst other things. Fair enough the cap will only be made for the event and its limited but it’s not exactly something that screams “I must have this as I will never get another opportunity to buy again!” all respects to the fishing event but it’s just a cap.

special edition

When advertising if you avoid lying and doing unethical things is it ok? Sure, saying a promotional cap for an event being limited edition isnt misleading but it’s not a solid strategy. Honestly making the cap at least look worthy and premium (add gold colours) and calling it “special edition” would make it stand out more.

The segments that have high importance on limited and special editions appears to be arts, music, jewelry, shoes and cars. Clothing not so much although the “premium” hypebeast brands will disagree, Clothes degrade and change too much to really have a bearing on longevity with “editions”.

Special edition should always be favoured over limited edition as special edition is not only a rarer end product it’s also more highly limited and stands above the average version of itself.

remember when advertising and marketing your product make sure your limited edition or special edition actually is that otherwise you could be a threat to making the normal version look like tripe.