JSON storage services

Storing JSON data with a service allowing the ability to simply retrieve upon need isn’t a scarce ability. There are many online services offering to store your JSON data with many even offering the ability to do live edits.

    "fruit": "Lemon",
    "size": "Small",
    "color": "Yellow",
    "price": 1

//example JSON data


Most of the services are freemium, meaning there is a free tier but it is limited in its use and features. jsonbase has a decent free tier, providing 1 million reads per month and 100,000 writes.

Unfortunately there is no authentication and they actually say “Try to be creative when coming up with bucket names” as in effect anyone could discover your end point depending on what you call your bucket and JSON.

npoint.io offers a fully free JSON storage. With features like schema lock and protected editing npoint.io is a more stable and settled option.

jsonbin.io is another freemium service which has the frustration of needing to signup and login before you can create. Interesting is that there is versioning with jsonbin.io along with many of the other features you would expect with security and organization.

jsonstorage.net is a fully free JSON storage service, with clearly defined API to GET, POST and PUT with your stored JSON. I was able to instantly create a stored JSON data file.

jsonstore.io is built for true techies, the service is essentially DIY with the user needing to use POST, PUT, DELETE and GET to manage their stored data. jsonstore is open source and can be found at GitHub here.

The usage for one of these storage services seems short term, you wouldn’t use one for production nor should you be putting sensitive data on them. Creating a basic self hosted JSON storage system wouldn’t be overly tricky.