KFC, cricket and summer are hand in hand

The dark red background with letters KFC in white covering stumps, boundary fences, on field advertising and uniforms. Yep does that remind you of cricket? Do you get the feeling of summer? Because the fried chicken ‘restaurant’ KFC has been sponsoring cricket since 2003.

kfc bbl logo

KFC classic catches, KFC quizzes, ads featuring cricket stars all getting blasted during and in between play. You really cannot escape KFC’s wrap on the summer sport of cricket. KFC own the rights to the Big bash league making the official name the KFC big bash league.

kfc boundary ad

In comes the ethics, KFC is fast food – fast food generally is not healthy. If you think of all the kids watching the cricket and getting flooded with the KFC logo, Promotions and then seeing ads with their cricket heroes enjoying KFC and encouraging the consumption of it. You have to think if is in good jest.

Cricket means KFC

KFC will also know of the association between Cricket – KFC – Summer. Summer means cricket, cool drinks and KFC. Cricket means KFC. KFC has been so longstanding and saturating in its marketing and advertising that even if an ad doesn’t appeal or get through to the target market one from last summer may still be relevant.

KFC cricket old sponsorship

If you like it or not KFC’s advertising and naming rights on cricket isn’t ending soon. The long running relationship will continue to push you into buying backyard buckets for your family and $1 frozen solo drinks.