Kudos to the Apollo Reddit app dev

Time for a positive post, The creator of the Reddit app Apollo donated $5,087.23 USD to a SPCA animal shelter. Incredibly generous in a time that seems to lack it.

It started out with this post to /r/apple that Christian made, stating that for anyone who bought Apollo pro the proceeds would go to the animal shelter because they were running low on food.

One day on and this post appeared as a wholesome surprise. The post brought the heartwarming news that the animal shelter now had received just over $5,000 and was very appreciative. There was pictures of the cats at the shelter album link and the response email from the SPCA shelter.

Amongst the fighting, view harvesting and slimy tactics that have been going on with social media of late this goes well against the grain. An app developer, who isn’t on big money opened his heart to charity and im sure the $5,000 will go a long way at the animal shelter.

Cats, Reddit and donating

It should be a good motto to live by, if you can give then give. harnessing the power of a social media site (Reddit) to push for charity is an excellent strategy.

Some humour to the situation was Reddit users reporting the 2 posts for the non self submission rule, the mods quickly shut those reports down and thankfully made light of the reports/reporters. Promoting his app whilst raising money, kudos to Christian.

You can download Apollo for IOS here.