Lets be real will an ipad ever be better than a computer or laptop?

Slim, touch screen and powerful enough to do basic things but overall not powerful. Highly portable and comfortable for travel and lounging. The Apple Ipad has always been seen from its makers as the perfect replacement to a laptop but really it hasn’t moved markets.

A laptop is better for typing, video editing, coding, photo editing, studying, writing essays and anything else that I missed where a keyboard and the extra ram and cpu makes a large difference. If you replace a laptop with computer especially some custom-made, performance build than the rendering, editing processes become easier and quicker.

Now an Ipad is great for watching content, web browsing, ‘taking notes’, slides in a college lecture, a coaching utility, anything really where your want to do these things away from a desk or table. Ie on a commute or on the couch.

The first Ipad came out in 2010, I first had a hands on look in 2011. It was heavy and slow. The price was okay but considering its display was shocking, there was little use for it and it was slow the Ipad didn’t burst out of the block. I got my first Ipad early 2015, it was great at first I used it to web browse and watch content whilst lounging around and travelling. But eventually I fell away from it and pretty much never used it again. Mid 2016 the Ipad for Apple was starting to sink, murmurs of them giving up on it floated around.

Apple brought out the Ipad Pro with a massive screen aimed at designers, but the Ipad line up wasnt progressing well in terms of power or specifications. All along Apple spouted it as being a replacement for a pc but they were missing one thing, an Ipad needed to be rather powerful to constitute a replacement for a pc. Plus a keyboard is always going to be faster to type than touching a screen. Yes there are keyboards for the Ipad but they’re small, not ideal.

2018 ipad

On the 27th March 2018 Apple showcased the Ipad (sixth generation) in an education themed launch, the device will be cheaper for students. This is massive crack at getting Ipads into classrooms rather than laptops. Finally Apple have also opened up the Ipad to cheap stylus options. The launch site heavily features use of a stylus, note taking and scribbling perfect for a child.

The 2018 Ipad has very similar specs to an Iphone 7 which is 2 years old, hmmmm. Lastly I want to point out the price of the 2018 Ipad because it’s a big player in the war against laptops, starting at $329. That puts it alonside clunky introduction laptops, in which you’d rather an Ipad other those.

Kudos to Apple, they made a great creation in the Ipad. As of yet though it hasn’t achieved any type of victory over the humble laptop.

Ipad timeline thanks to Apple