Linux is more popular than Windows on Azure

Microsoft’s cloud computing platform Azure has more Linux instances running on it than Windows, showing the decline in Windows Server (GUI based) is happening even on Microsoft’s own platform.

This is important to note because the free and open source Linux variants are taking over the premium, paid Microsoft operating systems. Its apparent on Azure and even obvious throughout the webhosting forums and communities.

A big positive for open source, free software

Windows Server versions get the stigma that they are clunky, resource hoggers and their users run bots and “SEO tools” (what ever they are) plus they are a hackers holy grail… easy to get into.

Linux is the obvious choice when deploying and using a server, whether it be Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS or any of the rest. If you cant make your way around the command line in a Linux server you feel left out on these communities.

You can say that Linux is for the techies and Windows for the people (basic users), this is apparent with Linux dominating the server OS and Windows running the desktop game.

Steve Balmer once called Linux cancer

Looking back to When Steve Balmer called Linux cancer in 2001, whilst at the time being the Microsoft CEO which is an entertaining quote now. Almost 20 years ago he said it and now the Microsoft cloud platform is overrun with the cancer as Steve Balmer called it.

Linux overrunning Microsoft in the server operating system stakes may not actually worry Microsoft a whole lot. There is such a differentiation and learning curve between the two systems. Businesses are unlikely to teach employees Linux, system admin tasks and just stick to Windows Server with the graphical user interface.