List of my favorite Reddit AMA’s

Reddit AMA’s (Ask me anything) can be funny, informative and interesting here are some of my favorites in no order:

Nat Friedman, soon to be GitHub CEO when it sold to Microsoft

User who nuked production database on busy website

Gabe Newell AMA (Steam creator)

Steve Wozniak AMA

17 year old game developer

Astro photographer

NASA web developer

Jailbreak tweak developer

WinRAR developers

Mojeek in development search engine (early 2019)

Stack Overflow developer

Mozilla team

App developer rise up the ranks

Steve Nash

Gordon Ramsay

GM of Houston Rockets

Bill Gates 1, 2 and 3

Creator of free Photoshop alternative

Cookie monster AMA

Linus tech tips

Goofy dress up at Disney World

Fake 100% rated restaurant

cameraman who spent 11 months in Antarctica filming penguins

Barack Obama

Elon Musk

Buzz Aldrin