Looks like text only news sites are on the rise (minimalism FTW)

It’s about time! We are well on our ways of going full circle. Once scroungy media website’s which auto play videos and have click bait saturating a page are now turning back to text only sites.

Theyre not exactly going back to them but they are offering them as an alternative. Thanks for that. These text only news sites like this and this don’t have images, videos or clutter, making them very easy to load on slow networks. These text only sites are perfect for areas that have poor internet or cellular reception whether it be remoteness or after a natural disaster has struck.

CNN text only site

It makes sense for news companies to have these lite versions, sure they can’t mass spam ads, clickbait and autoplay videos but they can still get their articles out and be accessible to everyone.

To me the return to website minimalism is a pleasant one. Fast speeds, simple and non cluttering design. Its great. The small amount of CSS, little use of HTML tags making the page load quick.

Its going to be a lovely 2018. The return to web minimalism, Companies have lite alternatives is a nice alternative. For priding myself on having a minimal or lite style blog im pleased to be apart of this movement.