MacBook Pro up time; An indicator for its quality

Over a year ago I wrote this post showing how to check your MacBooks up time. That is when the last time the MacBook restarted or was shutdown, most users just put theirs to sleep.

It got me thinking as my Macbook Pro is currently at 156 days without a reboot. Its running just as well as day 1 when it came to life from a shut down. It hasn’t stuttered, lagged or done any auto updates and restarts. Had this have been a Windows 10 laptop I have no doubt it would have been “reset” at some stage from day 1 to 156 either from a sneaky update behind the scenes or because it slowed and became cluttered.

MacBook Pro uptime

It’s not hating on Windows 10 but the whole operating system feels tacky especially with all the pre-installed bloatware and potential snooping to be happening. Mac OS (High Sierra) is smooth and as with all Mac OS you don’t get rubbish pre-installed nor is there scenarios created for tracking and snooping to go on.

Of course the MacBook price tag is arguably high for what you’re getting, but insert its the aesthetics and brand you’re paying for. What you might not get in your MacBook for the price will be made up in the quality and performance?! Great debate topic.

I will drop this as the conclusion for this post, in my eyes the build quality (external and internal) of a MacBook often gets looked over when gauging prices and worth compared to a Windows laptop. In this case a MacBook sits above most offerings from a Windows machine regardless of the price tag.