Marketing with Snapchat

How to use Snapchat in marketing

Snapchat is an app that you upload footage or pictures and if sent to someone a limit on how long you can view it is applied. Or alternatively if you post it to your snapchat story all your friends/followers can view it for 24 hours.

You can kind of see how snapchat really isn’t for everyone and you cant blame it being popular with the younger generation. But hear me out, it is very very useful mostly for services or business’s who provide an experience (clubs, sports teams, singers). For the reason i put it down to is that it isn’t intrusive to potential customers, they themselves will click into your promotion image/video. Plus it is the next best thing to being there or being live.

A key is to make it about the experience with snapchat, think more building a connection or rapport than making a sale. Use the snaps as a way to make the viewer wish they were there experiencing and being involved with the cheering at a basketball game or dancing/singing at a concert. Take a more informative stance and enlighten a potential or returning customer on what the experience (you have to offer) is like. Then you can throw in the link to buy tickets to upcoming games or upcoming concert.