Mass matt domain collector

Imagine being named Matt and wanting to have your own space on the internet using one of the many increasing domain name TLD’s. Unfortunately you’d be out of luck using matt because Matt Mullenweg the developer of WordPress owns 192 matt domains.

The full list is here with all the domains redirecting to Given price isn’t an issue with renewing 192 seemingly pointless domain leases you have to wonder why.

192 domains

SEO and ad revenue are ruled out given they all redirect to the same place, seemingly the whole list of matt domains is just an internet flex.

Think of those who cannot use the unobtainable domain names which are not in use. It’d be a valid claim to say that any of these matt domain names are being wasted away.

Using a domain name for a redirect let alone 192 domain names is a bitter look at domain name squatting.

Domain squatting takes the cake for being a major annoyance and source of anger. Having your somewhat unique and randomly thought out domain name being used as a “This domain is for sale page, please pay overpriced amount to own it” is irritating.

Of course all these matt domain names are technically being used, its redirecting traffic to another domain name (great) it is also wasted space and wasted opportunity.