McCafe all face, no backbone.

I explained a little on McCafe here but each time I unfortunately have to buy and drink a coffee from there its a bad experience. This morning it took 15 minutes for 3 “baristas” to make my cappuccino. Wow! No they weren’t busy either.

$4.95 is what you pay for a large coffee from McCafe and to put it simply you’re overpaying for an average drop, bad service in a crappy environment. For drive thru its maybe ok, but like today if you have the unfortune of having to go sit in and order a McCafe coffee youre in for a bad time.

McDonald’s are known for their fast food but it’s now transitioned into take away because there is nothing fast about how McDonald’s go about making your order. understandable maybe they like to have procedures for food to be cooked more regularly rather than left in a heater. But no one goes out of their way to get a coffee from McDonald’s unless you need it drive thru. Seriously any other cafe would make a better tasting, cheaper coffee. Plus it’d be quicker than waiting for a group of teens to make it.

McCafe is built up and marketed or presented as some quality, high standards cafe. It’s not that, I know it and im sure many others do. Youre paying too much for essentially nothing. The only value from McCafe is drive thru. For those ‘dining in’ McCafe is a great big over hyped operation.

A cheaper price for the dine in coffee would be a good incentive to make up for the slow and average coffee that you get from McCafe. I’m sure McCafe is doing well for McDonalds but as a standalone operation it would be shot after 2 weeks because it’s no where near the levels of most decent cafes.

For me its case closed, McCafe coffee is something i certainly do not want. McCafe really isn’t what McDonalds thinks it is.