McDonalds $1 hamburger; the best post workout snack

If you are after a cheap post workout snack or maybe even meal depending on how many you get, i have discovered an underrated gem. Costing only $1 each it is the McDonalds hamburger, there are no limits on how many you can get maybe hinting out them being a permanent menu item.

Anyway the nutrition stats on these bad boys is pretty good. 1 dollar hambuger

12.3 grams of protein, 8.7 grams of fat and 25.4 grams of carbs for just a dollar. A decent snack for post gym or buy 5 and have a dirty bulking meal. Particularly great with you want a break from your ordinary protein shake that you struggle to get down.

1 dollar burger wrapper

Whilst they aren’t the tastiest thing it’s still awesome value, some cheese in them ala a cheeseburger would be the greatest. I dunno if they talk highly about this humble gift from McDonald’s on bodybuilding forums but to me the $1 hamburger is an underrated champ.