Medium; The blogging buzzfeed

Its ironic. Medium the place for writers to show their goods on an array of topics has turned into what it shouldn’t be. Clickbait articles,  Emoji filled content and the same washed over startup dribble.

Whats worse is Medium is borderline pay to read now. $5 per month to read amateur writers mashing out common sense in text form.

medium click bait trashThis comment with an article link embedded is from 2015. It depicts what Medium is now. Essentially un important – non informative content. It’s funny that poor decision-making and the hunger for money will pull a platform down, eventually.

There are still decent articles on Medium, most likely the only thing holding the place together BUT really to have to pay to read content on Medium is a stretch. They’re kidding themselves.

I would get more entertainment from reading right winged accounts on Twitter then Medium articles built for gaining views rather than insight.

I also hope those contributing and fighting the war for attention on Medium are also cross posting onto their own blogs because i would not be relying on or feel safe knowing Medium has and owns my content.