Microsoft buys GitHub and spams developers in its announcement

In Microsoft’s blog announcement that it had acquired GitHub they wanted to make one thing clear in a subconscious manner, It’s all about developers! Well of course it is, aside from the real threat Microsoft will drive GitHub down into a commercialized pile of junk GitHub has always been about collaboration and open sourced development.

Pressing ctrl + F and searching “developer” on the announcement finds 26 matches. You think they wanted it to be a keyword? Ofcourse.

microsoft github developerPerhaps Microsoft knew the masses would come out and say this will be the end of GitHub, Microsoft will kill/ ruin it. Hence the mass using of the “developer” keyword, Microsoft really wanted to keep with the roots of GitHub from day one of their take over. They wanted to keep to the origins of GitHub and not be seen as a direction changer for the software.

Using empowering in the title is lame on Microsofts behalf, GitHub all along has been a platform for freedom and creation and yet all of a sudden it becomes an empowering one when commercialized greed gets a hold of it? Please. GitHub looks less enticing, less satisfying and less empowering than ever right now!

The fact that Microsoft had to spool of some attempt at inspiration and appeal to the real users of GitHub hint “developers” in its announcement hopefully isn’t a smoke screen for how they are going to steer GitHub in the future.

We will see in time if the corporate greed and past history of ruining platforms that is Microsoft ruins GitHub, I hope not and if it does im out. As a paying user the best thing would be to take a walk to a competitor hint GitLabs.