Mixed interests; Honest news or protecting your prized drama show

When the face of MasterChef Australia George Calombaris underpays workers $7.8 million and the channel that produces the cooking drama show ignores the newsworthy actions what does that make of their reputation?

Fit the narative

10 News bounced around the issue, as apparently you cant give any negative coverage to one of the main pieces of your channels existence even though every other media outlet is.

Its too hard, too damaging, too risky. Just ignore it and hope it goes away…. well its not going to go away when you rip your own staff off a massive $7.8 million.

A $200,000 fine for taking several million dollars illegally, that doesn’t make any sense. There is little to no incentive not to do the unethical behavior.

Combing with Calombaris being highly recognizable for being a MasterChef Australia judge, the whole situation doesn’t sit well with the hospitality industry. Given if those working in the industry even liked the fabricated drama cooking show to begin with they most likely aren’t a fan now.

Negative personal news = ignore

The ever honest, honorable 10 News First did Calomabris and MasterChef a big favor by not reporting on the case. No mention on Twitter either.

So much for honest journalism, rather just one big public relations scheme. The concept of bias and shaping the news via its reporting isn’t a recent discovery. If you can wrap your viewers and audience around your finger it helps with views, ratings thus being more appetizing to advertisers and a boost in funding for shows.

Amusingly the calls for Calombaris to be booted from MasterChef still came in thick and fast, as if 10 News bouncing around the issue would have cooled the situation. Perhaps the loyal viewers still think Calombaris is a saint and MasterChef is a highly captivating show.

Fittingly one outlet attempting a shifty censor on the news didn’t work, ineffective due mostly to mass media and underpaying workers in the industry that your shows is based around attracts a lot of attention. Who’d have known?