Mockaroo a random data generator

From wanting to do some benchmarking and speed testing I needed MYSQL Data, a lot of it. After doing a quick search I came across Mockaroo and I was quiet impressed.

Mockaroo is a simple easy to understand website, It allows you to customise and choose an output type for the data. Popular data types like: sql, json, xml, csv and excel are included in the output. Now whilst Mockaroo is free or has a free tier it does cost if you need a very very large amount of data. It is $50 a year to generate 100,00 rows whilst the free tier does 1000.

mockaroo data generator

I do belive all Mockaroo would be used for is testing and benchmarking, with them aiming for the small devs no large firms. Mockaroo has an api which is good news all though i would only use it when on the paid tier plus their website is simple enough. I do really want to give Mockaroo credit for their website, again it is very very simple and fast. I love minimal web design and this seems to be shaped that way, it is great.

Mockaroo even has a forum, talk about being lavish! Support, tutorials and FAQ are also clearly laid out. For a web app supposedly created in 2017, Mockaroo already is on track to be a useful tool for small devs.