My first thoughts on AFLX

Finally after a couple of weeks getting thrown around in the media and some posts from me here and here AFLX finally had its debut.

The AFL gave out tickets for free a few hours before the game which tells you they weren’t selling that well… but its new and at a smaller venue so no real measure stick. Anyway AFLX proved to be a high scoring affair and there were a lot of “zooper” goals, but it lacked anything that screamed high competitiveness and intensity.

You can’t blame teams for resting their stars and key players but if the big names played gee it would be so so much better, The AFL really have to look at incentives and making AFLX something that wants to be won for teams to really go full commitment.

AFLX ball and trophy
AFLX ball and trophy CREDIT: AFL photos

Due to the ease of scoring the game lacked real excitement for goals, the long goals got a bit of due hype but the rest was meh, There was also a real lack of marking mostly likely due to the full ground press used.

Now we have lost the excitement for goals and big marks…Oh no! that’s a big part of AFL. This isn’t a jump on the “AFLX sucks bus” its alright, it’s a good concept but it does have these flaws.

Maybe the AFL need to look at allowing a couple more players on the ground or netball like zones to space it all out. As of right now the interest is there because of the new format, the shine will come off.

Looking ahead these next two rounds will tell the story, is there consistent problems? are there going to need to be changes? Which would most likely be yes, but kudos to the AFL for trying something new it sure was a change-up.